FISCH PICNIC – m/b Zlatni rat

One of the best ways to get to know and experience Medulin and its archipelago is our half-day excursion by boat. As a welcome to our boat excursion the guests will be offered a refreshing beverage, a juice, water, an aperitif. First we take a slow panoramic sail toward the famous Cape Kamenjak Nature Park, where we stay half an hour (30 min) swimming and visiting the cave secluded in the cliffs of the Cape Kamenjak, the Golumbera cave. Together, under the supervision and support of our staff, you can visit the interior and see the cave.

TAXI BOAT MEDULIN Taxi and transport of passengers

Our Taxi Boat Medulin takes you to a desired destination every day. With the departure from Medulin, you can sail to an isle of your choice on an easy panoramic tour while listening to the sea sounds and absorbing the sun’s rays.


A private excursion, weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, boat renting or team building.

All the excursions in the VIP offer can be organized according to your wishes, as well as the time of departure and return, in order to adapt to your schedule during your vacation. If you have some special suggestions or wishes, feel free to contacts us and ask for an offer.


You can also become a fisherman catching tuna and big fish, which abounds in the Adriatic Sea. Big game is a kind of fishing when big fish is caught, mostly blue tuna, swordfish and sharks. The classic big game fishing takes place on fast and powerful boats on the open sea by pulling the hook (PANULA) or feeding fish – the food that attracts fish is thrown into the sea (DRIFTING).